Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This movie is about a soldier who can not walk. He goes to the planet callde Pandora. His mission is to be an avatar which is an combination of Navi and human. Avatar looks same as the aliens but human is the one controlling the body. The main character is a soldier who can not walk. However, as a avatar, he could freely walk and run. Because of this, the life as avatar becomes more important than as a human. In the end, he fight with Navi against human. I liked the overall story and graphic. I see that he likes life as Navi more because of freedom, but I did not agree how he turned against humans because he is also a human and even if humans had war against Navi it was not without reason. Humans tried enough to solve without war and it was his mission to do it. however, it was him who did not do mission properly and led to war. I would blame the soldier for it because he only enjoyed life as avatar rather than doing his mission.

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