Sunday, March 14, 2010

King Arthur

This movie is about knights who had to fight for Rome even though this is not their country. These nights were forced to fight against Rome for 15 years instead of being killed. After 15 years, they were supposed to get freed, but Rome did not let them go free. They had to fight 2 more fights that were almost suicide missions. During battles, more of them died. In the end the ones survived live happy. I think that it was a good movie because i think they represented the life in medieval well enough and it was amusing to watch. There were many battle scenes that was spectacular and I think it well showed the knights` spirit and how they put importance on honor and glory. They did not fear death. Interesting part is that one of them think of Rome as great country and actually fight for Rome. His name is Arthur and was the leader of this guerilla group. He was influenced by a teacher who taught him that every one is equal. In the movie, there were many part that I could find him acting according to this philosophy. For example, even though he was under Rome which was heavily influenced by religion, he did not hesitate to punish priests who were corrupted or crazy.

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