Sunday, March 14, 2010

X-man wolverine`s origin

This movie tells the past of Wolverine. He was born as mutant along with his brother. A group of mutants started missions that were not possible for normal humans. His brother was stronger and he liked to fight. They have conflict about it and Wolverine leaves. That made the group to scatter and his brother was very angry about it. His brother started to kill other mutants in the group and attacked even his own brother. Wolverine could not win, so he did a operation to make him stronger. That made his claws become impossible to be broken and Wolverine win against his brother. This is how he had claws that were shown in other movies(X-man 1,2,3). I was not as interested because i did not watch other X-man movies, but it was some what fun to watch. Interesting part is that there is a korean actor in this movie. His character was also mutant that was good at shooting. I was very interested while watching, but it was sad that this character died in early of the movie. This character died by wolverine because this mutant was ordered to pursue wolverine.

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