Friday, April 23, 2010


Vincent Palmer Ben Keats

This movie is about Vincent Palmer, Who wants to recruit Ben Keats by any mean, and Ben Keats, genius who invented a way to track people extremely accurate. Vincent Palmer is a head hunter who gets money by recruiting good workers for a company. He is mentally unstable unless he takes his medicine frequently. He uses any neccessary method to do this even if it means to kill someone or threaten someone. Palmer starts to persuade Ben Keats to transfer to different company which will give him better options. However, Ben Keats wants to stay in his company because he likes the workers and boss in the company. Palmer starts to call him every day, tries to meet him every day. Ben Keats thinks that it is just ordinary recruitment, but the boss who has serious illness thinks that this is very serious matter. Even though Palmer started to persuade in the light way, he slowly starts to threaten him. Palmer has hidden cameras every where so that he can observe Ben Keats and people close to him every moment. In the end Palmer even kills the boss of the company that Ben Keats works for. After this, Palmer even threatens Ben Keats that he will kill all of his family if he does not sign the contract. Eventually Ben Keats kills the Palmer and lives a peaceful life. I feel that this kind of movies makes me complicated after watching, but I enjoyed watching this movie because It has parts that are thrilling. I also liked the plot because It has unique story. I did not like Ben Keat's character because he would not do anything about threats he was receiving against his family. He should have signed fast or track the Palmer down faster so that no one would have been killed. I thought that the charcter Pamler was interesting because this kind of character that is mentally ill is harder to act but the actor sorted it out very well. All the actors were new to me except the one who acted as boss who was not an important role of the movie, so this movie was good that I found good actors that I did not know before.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Since my school bus is elementry school bus and most of students using this bus are elementry kids, Bus driver put a DVD player in the bus. Mostly animations are played, so I get to watch these animations that I would not watch by myself. I watched this movie for the same reason. It is called 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs' and it is animated. Its story is about a crazy scientist who always has been invented things since he was a kid. However, he kept failing on projects and always caused bad incidents in town. No one in town liked his work including his father. His father wanted him to just run a shop and live a normal life. The island he is living in only has one kind of fish to eat, so people in this island do not have chance to eat other delicious food. This motivated him to invent machine that would create any kind of food just with water. By accident, this machine flies to the sky and stay inside cloud. Because cloud is full of water, it is able to make food inside the cloud. That is how he was able to make food rains. Everyone liked his invention and also liked him. He became famous for this and all people in the town wanted to make him continue to make food rains so that people in the town can eat various kinds of food. However, the problem was that food was getting bigger and bigger every time the machine makes the food rain. In the end, one hamburger becomes as big as a house. Food was way too big and started to destroy the town. The scientist feel the responsiblilty and stops the food storm in the end. I was asleep during 1/3 of movie, but because its plot was so simple, I still could understant whole story. I thought that this was interesting topic because I think that this is the first movie about food rain and food mutation. I liked the last part, food mutating and becoming a life form, because I thought the idea was funny. Especially headless chiken fighting with main characters were funny. The scientist's friend who is incredibly stupid wore one turkey like a clothing and fought with those chikens. I would recommand this movie to people who likes cartoons or people who simply has time to kill. I do not think that this movie is very good movie to watch, but if one just wants to watch a carefree movie, then this may be the movie for that purpose.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


The main character is not super hero or has any abnormal skill or power, but using technology, he kind of wraps himself with machines that able him to shoot missiles, fly and have inhuman strength. He did not make it successful the first time, but eventually he made it work. However, there is an old man who also seeks for power and finds another old version of 'iron man'. However, the old man takes the main character's man made heart to operate the machine. Luckily, he finds another heart and survives. The old version is much bigger and stronger, but in the end, old man dies probably because main character was smarter. I think that is why movie is called iron man since machines are around him and refer machine as iron. I watched it from the channel Telecine, and I could not watch it from the start, but i watched the major part of movie. Therefore, I do not know why the main character has man made heart instead of real one and why he started to build "ironman". I like the movie because it looked a little bit more realistic that it is not like some super power story.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mummy-Tomb of dragon emperor

I found this movie when i was just randomly changing channels. This movie is one of those mummy series. Its story is that there is a emperor in china who is preserved as mummy and one general of china tries to resurrect him. There is a group of people whose destiny is to stop emperor from gaining full power. These people have immortality so that they can be guardian forever. They meets with a family whose members are all good at fighting and gather strength to stop the emperor and the general who resurrected the emperor. This emperor some how has some super power. He can breath fire, turn in to beast like dragon, freeze things, and he won't die by normal methods like shooting. There is special dagger that is passed down on generations of immortal guardians. However, even though they are immortal, they do not have any super powers like emperor. Because of this, the family and guardians have hard time to stop emperor. Emperor's true objective is to resurrect his soldiers and rule the whole world. In the end, emperor is killed by the family. It was interesting that even though it was mummy movie, only mummy was dragon emperor and he was wrapped up with some kinda of sculpture all the time. After he gained more power and could have a form of human and raised soldiers, all the soldiers were made of mud so the only mummy in the movie was emperor and he changed into beast many times, so most of the time there was not many mummy scenes. I liked this one over other mummy movies because other movies usually have the evil mummy which can control bugs. It was better to watch movie without so many bug infections.