Friday, April 23, 2010


Vincent Palmer Ben Keats

This movie is about Vincent Palmer, Who wants to recruit Ben Keats by any mean, and Ben Keats, genius who invented a way to track people extremely accurate. Vincent Palmer is a head hunter who gets money by recruiting good workers for a company. He is mentally unstable unless he takes his medicine frequently. He uses any neccessary method to do this even if it means to kill someone or threaten someone. Palmer starts to persuade Ben Keats to transfer to different company which will give him better options. However, Ben Keats wants to stay in his company because he likes the workers and boss in the company. Palmer starts to call him every day, tries to meet him every day. Ben Keats thinks that it is just ordinary recruitment, but the boss who has serious illness thinks that this is very serious matter. Even though Palmer started to persuade in the light way, he slowly starts to threaten him. Palmer has hidden cameras every where so that he can observe Ben Keats and people close to him every moment. In the end Palmer even kills the boss of the company that Ben Keats works for. After this, Palmer even threatens Ben Keats that he will kill all of his family if he does not sign the contract. Eventually Ben Keats kills the Palmer and lives a peaceful life. I feel that this kind of movies makes me complicated after watching, but I enjoyed watching this movie because It has parts that are thrilling. I also liked the plot because It has unique story. I did not like Ben Keat's character because he would not do anything about threats he was receiving against his family. He should have signed fast or track the Palmer down faster so that no one would have been killed. I thought that the charcter Pamler was interesting because this kind of character that is mentally ill is harder to act but the actor sorted it out very well. All the actors were new to me except the one who acted as boss who was not an important role of the movie, so this movie was good that I found good actors that I did not know before.

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