Sunday, April 11, 2010


The main character is not super hero or has any abnormal skill or power, but using technology, he kind of wraps himself with machines that able him to shoot missiles, fly and have inhuman strength. He did not make it successful the first time, but eventually he made it work. However, there is an old man who also seeks for power and finds another old version of 'iron man'. However, the old man takes the main character's man made heart to operate the machine. Luckily, he finds another heart and survives. The old version is much bigger and stronger, but in the end, old man dies probably because main character was smarter. I think that is why movie is called iron man since machines are around him and refer machine as iron. I watched it from the channel Telecine, and I could not watch it from the start, but i watched the major part of movie. Therefore, I do not know why the main character has man made heart instead of real one and why he started to build "ironman". I like the movie because it looked a little bit more realistic that it is not like some super power story.

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