Sunday, March 28, 2010

The merlin

This is TV series Merlin and i watched until season 1. Its setting is past and it is about magic. Merlin is a boy who can use magic, but the kingdom he is living in banned the magic. Any wizard will be hanged. Even with this restraint, he sometimes uses magic to save his friends and other people because otherwise they would have gotten hurt. Each episode has different problems and for each episode Merlin solves them using magic. Most problem is because of a ancient priest who tries to kill Merlin, but in the last episode Merlin kills the priest. I did not like the main character Merlin because i think he lacks flexibility and courage compared to his friend. His friend is son of King and Merlin works as a servant but in private places they are friends. I liked the friend Arthur because even though he can not use magic he saves many people.

Zombie land

I watched this movie about a week ago. Zombie land is comedy but subject is unusual to be comedy as its theme is about zombies. The beginning of movie is 2 weeks after zombie infection started, so there are not many survivors. Most of them became zombies. The main character is a guy who has all kin of phobias and gets scared very easily. He heads to his home town to see if their families are safe, but later he finds out that his family probably died after he meets 3 other people who tells him that his town is burnt. One of them is a guy who is obsessed in killing zombies and finding twinkys. Other 2 are women whose main objective is to survive. In most part these 4 are only humans through out whole movie because others dies and appears only for a short time. As these 4 meets, their destination changes to pacific play land because they believed that there is no zombie in that place. However, after they get there, even though there were no zombies at first, all the lights attracts hundreds of zombies. Eventually all 4 of them survive and have happy ending. Most parts of movie was funny except the fact that zombies' nasty appearance was annoying. I liked the guy who likes twinky because i find him most funny and he also has important role because his fighting skills save them in the end. The story was messed up and made no sense and I think thats how it amuses more. For example, a guy to risk life to find a bar of twinky and piano suddenly falling down from the building. I would recommend this movie to people who like comedies, but for ones who don`t like looking at zombies, they may need to avoid this movie.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Robin Hood

This is a series, but i watched it equivalent amount of time as movie length. This is more or less comedy and basic plots are from original Robin Hood. The main character's name is Robin who is in charge of a village. However, he was not in the village because he was in war. Meanwhile, the bad sheriff slips in and manage village. This sheriff was crucial to people having very high taxes. After Robin comes back, he tries to stop this, but he was expelled and he became outlaw. This is how he started living in forest helping poor people. The name Robin Hood is from soldier's Joke that he should be called Robin wood because he lived in forest. Because it is series I did not watch ending, but I think that it was very funny. Even the bad people were funny and their british accent was amusing.

X-man wolverine`s origin

This movie tells the past of Wolverine. He was born as mutant along with his brother. A group of mutants started missions that were not possible for normal humans. His brother was stronger and he liked to fight. They have conflict about it and Wolverine leaves. That made the group to scatter and his brother was very angry about it. His brother started to kill other mutants in the group and attacked even his own brother. Wolverine could not win, so he did a operation to make him stronger. That made his claws become impossible to be broken and Wolverine win against his brother. This is how he had claws that were shown in other movies(X-man 1,2,3). I was not as interested because i did not watch other X-man movies, but it was some what fun to watch. Interesting part is that there is a korean actor in this movie. His character was also mutant that was good at shooting. I was very interested while watching, but it was sad that this character died in early of the movie. This character died by wolverine because this mutant was ordered to pursue wolverine.

King Arthur

This movie is about knights who had to fight for Rome even though this is not their country. These nights were forced to fight against Rome for 15 years instead of being killed. After 15 years, they were supposed to get freed, but Rome did not let them go free. They had to fight 2 more fights that were almost suicide missions. During battles, more of them died. In the end the ones survived live happy. I think that it was a good movie because i think they represented the life in medieval well enough and it was amusing to watch. There were many battle scenes that was spectacular and I think it well showed the knights` spirit and how they put importance on honor and glory. They did not fear death. Interesting part is that one of them think of Rome as great country and actually fight for Rome. His name is Arthur and was the leader of this guerilla group. He was influenced by a teacher who taught him that every one is equal. In the movie, there were many part that I could find him acting according to this philosophy. For example, even though he was under Rome which was heavily influenced by religion, he did not hesitate to punish priests who were corrupted or crazy.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Agua Negro

I could not find exact name because this was japanese movie, so i only know portugues version name of this movie. I could not fully understand because there was no subtitle at all, and it was japanese dub. It is a horror movie, so i could understand general plot. There is a girl who was drown and died. She had grudge with it and became ghost that can control water. There is a family of a mother and a daughter and enters the apartment that ghost is in. For some reason, ghost bothers this family and eventually takes the mother. Ghost did not kill her but forced to live with ghost. Therefore, daughter was separated from mother and lived alone. I felt that this was very strange movie. Graphic was not necessarily good and I did not really like the movie.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This movie is about a soldier who can not walk. He goes to the planet callde Pandora. His mission is to be an avatar which is an combination of Navi and human. Avatar looks same as the aliens but human is the one controlling the body. The main character is a soldier who can not walk. However, as a avatar, he could freely walk and run. Because of this, the life as avatar becomes more important than as a human. In the end, he fight with Navi against human. I liked the overall story and graphic. I see that he likes life as Navi more because of freedom, but I did not agree how he turned against humans because he is also a human and even if humans had war against Navi it was not without reason. Humans tried enough to solve without war and it was his mission to do it. however, it was him who did not do mission properly and led to war. I would blame the soldier for it because he only enjoyed life as avatar rather than doing his mission.