Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mummy-Tomb of dragon emperor

I found this movie when i was just randomly changing channels. This movie is one of those mummy series. Its story is that there is a emperor in china who is preserved as mummy and one general of china tries to resurrect him. There is a group of people whose destiny is to stop emperor from gaining full power. These people have immortality so that they can be guardian forever. They meets with a family whose members are all good at fighting and gather strength to stop the emperor and the general who resurrected the emperor. This emperor some how has some super power. He can breath fire, turn in to beast like dragon, freeze things, and he won't die by normal methods like shooting. There is special dagger that is passed down on generations of immortal guardians. However, even though they are immortal, they do not have any super powers like emperor. Because of this, the family and guardians have hard time to stop emperor. Emperor's true objective is to resurrect his soldiers and rule the whole world. In the end, emperor is killed by the family. It was interesting that even though it was mummy movie, only mummy was dragon emperor and he was wrapped up with some kinda of sculpture all the time. After he gained more power and could have a form of human and raised soldiers, all the soldiers were made of mud so the only mummy in the movie was emperor and he changed into beast many times, so most of the time there was not many mummy scenes. I liked this one over other mummy movies because other movies usually have the evil mummy which can control bugs. It was better to watch movie without so many bug infections.

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