Wednesday, February 24, 2010


2012 is a interesting movie which is about end of the world. The main character is a driver. He is not rich, but fortunately he finds about space ship rich people started to build. He manages his evacuates family. They sneak in to the space ship and some how the disaster stops before they started to leave. The sad part of movie was the boxer who died. He was rich and paid to enter the ship but he couldnt enter because the door was closed too fast. He died falling down from the platform, but he saved at least his children. I think that movie has good graphic. I liked the way it was filmed. Especially i liked the first part where the main character drived throu earth quake and buildings that were collapsing. The only character i disliked was the one who was in charge of government after president died. He was very selfish and did not approve to risk to save people. It was interesting because that Maya predicted the end of war is about 2012 and today is very close to 2012. I would recommand this movie to every one because i think that most people would like this movie and the topic is something that many people would be concerned.

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  1. Good review. I enjoyed reading your specific opinions about the film.