Monday, November 30, 2009

System of a down

Band members are Serji Tankian as lead vocals, Daron Malakian as vocals and lead guitar, Shavo Odadjian as bass, and Jojn Dolmayan as drums. Interesting thing is that Odadjian was orginally a manager and joined in as bassist. My favorite song from this band is Chopsuey, even though i did not like video for this song. I think that this band's songs are heavy, but some of them are good to listen. From these members, i like Dolmayan because i like the way he plays drum. The picture is not the same as i saw on music video because the one with long hair did not have same beard or hair in the video, but i think that 2 on each corner looks almost same as i saw on music video on chopsuey. The song i especially don`t like is aerials because their lyrics are way too grave.

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  1. Nice post, Steve. I enjoy reading more of your opinions about the band members and their songs.