Thursday, November 19, 2009


Greenday is a band that i've known for a while. I think that it is a great band has good songs. I sometimes hear that they are using same technique over again and again, but I am not so sure about it. My favorite songs from Green day are basket case, 21 guns and holiday. This band was formed in 1987. This band has 3 members, Bille Joe Armstrong as lead vocal and guitar, Mike Dirnt as bass and backing voice, Tré Cool as drum. I like the way they sing and play guitar.

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  1. I've loved Green Day for a long time, too, and I actually got to see them in concert once--very fun. They definitely have a distinct sound, but their lyrics have changed and they experiment a little bit with different styles of songs. Have you heard about the album they released as the Foxboro Hot Tubs?